Thou Shalt Think for Yourselves

I'm not Jesus Christ, but I can turn water into Kool-Aid

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The Shortcomings of Religion and the Coming Revolution, with Roberto Unger

Roberto Mangabeira Unger offers an in-depth analysis of religion’s failed attempt at confronting the world. Unger is a philosopher and professor at Harvard Law School. His latest book is The Religion of the Future (

India makes 'liking' blasphemous content illegal

Children exposed to religion have difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction: researchers

Is Atheism a Belief? by ArguingFromIgnorance

My perspective on the existence of gods.

"Agnosticism is not a god hypothesis. It is just an observation on the possible limits of knowledge."

A Person Was Happy…


Fast Fundie Fallacies 1 No True Scotsman by WanderingTaoist101

Good Evening YouTube. We have a new series of short videos premiering tonight. Each of these will expose and destroy the most common bits of stupidity you are likely to encounter. Enjoy.


Grand Theft Auto 5's fictional religion explored in 'Epsilon Program' video

When Irrational Ideas Collide…

New Study: Religion Helps Criminals Justify Their Crimes

A new study by Georgia State University criminal justice professor Volkan Topalli says that — wait for it — religion may not actually help criminals.

Westboro Mingle

Where hate and love come together.

Bigfoot Skeptics, New Atheists, Politics and Religion by Steven Novella

The skeptical movement is having some (charitably characterized) growing pains. It’s nothing new, actually. Ever since I have been involved in organized skepticism (about 17 years) we have been struggling with the exact same identity crisis, and from speaking with older skeptics it seems much longer than that.