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People keep posting that OKCupid data as if it’s an accurate representation of something

FiveThirtyEight article on the subject

It’s just the inevitable crash of the wave of hype meeting the shore of reality. It’s not like it’s terrible, but it’s not great either.

A redditor on people’s reactions following the release of Destiny.

It’s dumb to get hyped about a game that you have not played or seen and has not been played by anyone else yet because more than likely you will be dissapointed. I am shocked by the numbers of people who pre-order games and consoles and buy systems with the anticipation to play a future title on it. You have no idea what it is going to be like and you are showing the studios that you are willing to pay full price on release day even if they give you a shit product. Please be a responsible consumer and only hand over the money when you know you are recieving a good product at a good price. I never pay full price for games anymore, whatever I want will probably in a GOG, GMG, Humble, or Steam sale within the next 6 months anyway.

Arrests Form Financial Bedrock Across St. Louis County Towns

This is fucked up. When your funding relies on arrests, there will be little motivation to reduce crime in your area and plenty of motivation for taking advantage of those most vulnerable.

Pennsylvania teenager simulates oral sex with Jesus statue, faces two years in prison

This is ridiculous


Here I am again, mentioning my children’s book project!  It’s kind of at a halt because I’d like to progress on the writing with a conceptualisation of what it’ll look like.  If you’re an illustrator who is open to collaborations, I’d love to be in touch!

The Girl who cried wolf and the press that sold it to you






I didn’t want to write this piece, I really didn’t. I wanted to write a nice little article that I could possibly sell to a few gaming rags for a quick buck to pay the rent (I owe people money) and shed the facts. I had been one of the many vocal critics of Anita Sarkesian that stated that her claims of harassment were more often than not an over exaggerated sob story of victim hood generated for the sole purpose of gaining publicity and cash. Sarkesian has also made it a habit to put time in browsing her Twitter feed. Hours upon hours of time and effort browsing her twitter feed like the self-absorbed suburbanite pustule filled sack indigent human flesh that she is. It’s obvious that a meticulous amount of effort goes into her selection of 20 plus screen caps of trolls considering that she can get hundreds of tweets in an hour or two. But despite her tendency to over exaggerate her problems, I still didn’t want to write this piece. I wanted to be proven wrong and taste the bitter taste of humility on the stage of public discourse. This could have been a piece that took a look at how what happens online can have some serious ramifications. This would be article could have been deleted and replaced the ultimate college liberal shrine to political correctness while maintaining that Gamergate is not about harassing women. It could have been all that apologist crap with a healthy dose of bitter sarcasm, had the facts not confirmed my dark suspicions to be true.


From August 27 through the 31st news broke that Anita Sarkesian of tropes v.s women fame was forced to flee from her home when faced with threats of necrophilia, possible cannibalism from the fiendishly degenerate gamer know as Kevin Dobson. This act of psychological war fare prompted the unfortunate Miss Anita to call the local authorities only to be turned away by their blatant incompetence, according to her oh so trustworthy Twitter feed. Had this just been reported by the same gaming rags that launched a massive smear campaign, I would have wrote it off as more blatant lies manufactured to paint #gamergate as a misogynistic movement. Then the story popped up on comics alliance while browsing Twitter (I can only imagine what my facebook feed looks like).  ”That’s weird” I thought to myself, “Why is gamer gate cropping up on a comics site?” After a quick search on google I discovered that the conversation blew up overnight, grabbing the attention of the internet at large like an atomic bomb exploding in the night sky. The mad jackals that unleashed these articles on Anita’s night of terror onto the public at large were none other than the likes of The Washington Post, The L.A Times and Yahoo news. As I read these fantastic tales from these reputable news sites, I discovered that none of them ever got a statement from the police. “Now that’s damn strange, doesn’t the press usually contact the police when addressing an event they dropped the ball on?” I looked over Sarkesian’s Twitter feed to see what happened what really happened that night. Do to the limitations of my cheap smart phone, I could only go back an hour, an hour that comprised of literally hundreds tweets talking about the side show event  Sarkesian’s career had become comprised of. After finding no success asking questions on the smart phone (a couple of which got me blocked by Adam Sessler) I commandeered the grossly outdated laptop of my best friend and plunged deeper into the matter and found her claims of police incompetence.


After seeing how her fans reacted, I decided to find out exactly how the cops handled her call that night. If the cops really did just suggest that she should just stop talking about video games to stop the threats, then there would be a serious case of victim blaming and negligence, sparking a massive outcry towards the San Fransisco police department.  If the cops had a different story, then that would mean that these half deformed ghouls that are supposed to be professionals lack any sort of professional ethics.

I reached out to the San Fransisco police department and asked them what happened on the night of the 26th, the night of infamy. I expected to hear a prepared blanket statement about how the San Fransisco police department takes all threats seriously, I was also ready to sift through forums requesting a record of the dispatch calls from the that night. I was not prepared to hear the dispatcher tell me that they never received a call from Anita Sarkeesian’s home address. I then informed dispatch of the comments Sarkeesian made about her call with the police department on a public forum and then that’s when she gave me the prepared statement on how serious the cops take these sorts of things.

Anita Sarkesian has just made a clear cut and dry example of why the message of #Gamergate and #notyourshield may be more important than opposition would have the audience at large believe. Through Anita’s bold faced lies, that conveniently happened right around the time her last “Tropes vs. Women” video dropped, we have just witnessed favoritism in the gaming press. It’s like the press took one look at Anita Sarkesian’s Twitter feed and decided to run with it as if it were the Gospel word without doing any fact checking, critical thinking, or even so much as a phone call to the third party involved in the story. But it’s not just the gaming press that suffers from this cancer, even the Washington Post, the L.A Times and Yahoo Business Insider failed to do their basic legwork required to be a reporter. If these parasites can’t ask questions, do research, do the leg work, or even make a phone call and report all of the facts, then why do we continue to listen to them?

#gamergate and #Notyourshield is the gaming community as a whole standing up and demanding a higher standard from the press as a whole. We want the facts, not some tabloid click bait made for the victim’s publicity. Like I said, I didn’t want to type this, I would have much rather been stoned to death on twitter than discover that the mainstream press has been infected with this cancerous mentality.

The only question that remains is the big one. Why? Why did she do it? Why did she go on Twitter and lie to thousands of her followers? Why did the press automatically assume she was right and shift blame on the “Gamer” Instead of asking the cops for their side of the story? Was this a case of collusion? Did the timing of these articles have anything to do with the fact that the company Anita Sarkeesien works with, Silverstien media, is connected to the Independent Games Festival, which is quite possibly under federal investigation? Or is this all just the cliche tale of the little girl who cried wolf? Who knows.


We live in an age where narcissism, arrogance, and attention seeking are at epidemic levels.

I’ve always believed in Murphy’s Law.

Women know that they receive much special treatment when facing sexism (the irony) and that they are capable of exploiting that special concern to achieve a sort of fame or success.

Many of the laws treat women as the assumed victim, which results in large sums of alimony or public backing.

Psychology, women respond much more to positive reinforcement and finding a community in which  acceptance is easily attainable.

It’s not hard to decipher human nature when you apply human psychology to animal behavior.

What we have here is a woman latching onto a movement which see saw profitable to exploit, whether it be for monetary or social gain it makes no difference, it was an attempt to manufacture a community where her psychological needs were met and validated, thus making her part of a larger community of feminist survivors, which have become somewhat like folk heroes.

The attention she was seeking was successfully attained, she was placed higher on the social ladder where other women could view her and either back her or envy her position of being a strong woman fighting sexism, which provided her with a safe place to scourge for attention. In essence, she was acting as a parasite would and was attempting to feed off the host/hosts by making herself look both in need of help and a voice of importance, with those social statuses in place she could freely indulge in attention seeking, victim hood, and could feel safe deep within her hosts, which was the manipulated sympathy from feminists and those a like.

The girl who cried wolf.

Things like this happen every day, because we allow it.

The writer of this post seems to be confused as to WHY Anita did this and the first thought that came to mind for me was money. I mean you make a good point here, WillBraham, but money had to be a HUGE part of it. Clearly this woman has no morals, at all. She’s more than proven that she’s willing to lie about actual sexism to make a profit. She’s already admitted in several capacities she doesn’t like video games either. However, people throw money at her to keep lying and keep validating their “oppression” and they keep validating her lies. We have actual statements from her actually saying that she didn’t know much about games before getting into this whole “Lemme bitch about gaming” thing she does which means, she’s very aware that she is lying because if she actually believed the crap she was saying she wouldn’t have ever made statements on the record to the contrary. Basically the woman is a very good con artist who found an easily conned group of idiot women who are scared of their own shadows and believe they are oppressed. I’d say much more of this has to do with PROFIT not with validation.

I keep reblogging posts to a minimum nowadays, but I have a huge problem with this woman.

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Understanding the background data to everything you hear about day-to-day is important.

So the GTA V PC release date has been anounced as January 27th. I swear to god, if it’s as bad as GTA IV on its release, I will go to Rockstar’s headquarters and burn the building down. We’ve had to wait 16 months for this game and if it doesn’t run stably at 60fps 1080p on my machine, there is going to be trouble.

All you people preordering games,

I’m judging you so hard right now

The Onion's articles published following the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001

What is Net Neutrality?

God dammit people tell me when I make a typo

So some guy woke up from a coma and the media is excited because he woke up speaking Mandarin as if it’s some miracle

The fucking guy was learning Mandarin in high school for fuck’s sake

Edit: So apparently this is actually old news, but that doesn’t make the story any less dumb

Spooky Coincidences? by Vsauce

Another great video from Vsauce that goes into some logical fallacies.