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I'm not Jesus Christ, but I can turn water into Kool-Aid

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It’s been a long time since I watched a film that got the volume balance between dialogue and soundtrack correct.


I think it’s fair to say that had those British cops been armed they may have shot the madman, especially at the beginning of the video when the guy was approaching the officers swinging the machete. And let’s face it if they had shot him then they could easily have justified it.

That’s why I’m against routinely arming the British police. Also it’s not just the guns that are the issue either, there’s a certain bearing and look that a British policeman used to have and they are losing it slowly as they equip themselves more tactically.

Cops dressed like stormtroopers behave like stormtroopers.

/u/orde216 on an incident where London police had to subdue a mentally ill man with a knife

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No, thanks: Stop saying “support the troops”

I wish I had the skill to drive like this

The Worst Member of Your Group Project

Yeah this is me

I need to settle something

What do you interpret “geddit” to mean?

Fucking insanity

African Exorcism Goes Unexpectedly

Welcome to the future. It started with the vanishing of proper unlockables and secrets, followed by rampant DLC, then Online Passes, then Season Passes, then Free to Play with microtransactions. Now we have full blown $60 retail releases with no secrets, rampant DLC/Season Passes, microtransactions, and tons of game breaking bugs that need several patches after launch to fix.


Is anyone looking forward to No Man’s Sky as much as I am?

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